Devageet – talk about Self-healing, Meditation and Self-transformation – 22.12.

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Pohled pracoviště

We warmly invite you to meet Sw. Devageet, the personal dental surgeon of Osho, who lived in his immediate vicinity for 12 years, and after Osho left body, for many years he took part in the leadership of OSHO International Meditation Resort in India. Now, he leads meditation and self-transformational retreats mainly in Greece.

For the first time we have opportunity to welcome Devageet in Prague. He will introduce self-healing and self-transformative mediation process which came from OSHO instructions and which attends people from all over the world. Devageet will bring us closer to Transomatic Starlight Color Dialogue – a technique for remembering and healing ancient wounds (not just in our present life) that prevent us from fulfilling our infinite potential.
He will also talk about his many years of experience as a personal dentist of Osho meantime the master in dental chair operated on his dentist.  He will share with us his experience of awakening, love and meditation, which he has been practicing for over 50 years.

More about the Transomatic Starlight Color Dialogue and the self-healing / transformation process can be found in this video

Osho, one night, called Devageet to himself and said to him:
„You will find a way, Devageet, for people to release memories held in their body and their teeth. Each person’s teeth contain the ancient- most memories going back to the beginning of evolution. Revealing these memories will have two effects: a) it will heal the body-mind by releasing old wounds, b) the memories clearly show that your consciousness has existed in many forms, has experienced many lives, and is not limited by time or space.  Evolution is not as Darwin thought, a biological process, but true evolution is the evolution of consciousness from having experienced lives in many bodies…“ (Osho, Akashic Transmission.)

The info-talk with demonstration starts at 17:30. Arrival and registration is from 17:00.
The talk and demo will be in Pohled pracoviště. Capacity is limited, so book your place in time.

Next talk will be on December, 27 in Pohled pracoviště.

Admission fee is voluntary. The lecture will be translated into Czech. 


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